GIGBR International Academic Conference Proceedings

ISSN 2512-2940 (online) Germany

Frankfurt International Academic Conference Proceedings 2017

Munich International Academic Conference Proceediings 2017



The academics, researchers, practitioners, student and decision and policy makers are encouraged to submit papers/abstracts in all areas of business and social sciences, including but not limited to:

Business & Economics Conference Topics:

  • Banking – personal and commercial, banking.
  • Finance – corporate, international, green finance, inclusive growth, financial inclusion, financial reporting, public finance, financial markets, financial services, behavioural, micro finance, etc.
  • Accounting – auditing, business, social and environmental Business – SMEs, MNEs, strategy, CSR, environmental, sustainable and responsible business.
  • Economics – micro, macro, managerial, international, financial, public, regulatory, environmental, development, agricultural, natural resources, climate change, education economics, etc.
  • Social Enterprise Economics – issues related to third sector, including organizations such as cooperatives, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and charities.
  • Entrepreneurship – product, innovation, social, political, knowledge, corporate venturing, digital media, etc.
  • International Business – entry modes, strategy, expansion, mergers & acquisitions, trade, CSR, etc.
  • Management – human resources, international HR, business, cross cultural, corporate governance, financial resources, gender issues, technological resources, natural resources, knowledge, ICT, etc.
  • Marketing – international business, consumer research, market research, policy research, sales research, pricing research, distribution, advertising, packaging, product, media, etc.


Education & Social Sciences Conference Topics:

Education Topics

• Adult Education    • Distance Education

• Education Systems and Politics     • E-learning

• English Learning & Teaching    • ESL/EFL

• Higher Education    • Language Teaching

• Lifelong Learning    • Teaching and learning


Social Sciences Topics

• Arts    • English    • Geography    • History

• Humanities    • Interdisciplinary studies    • Law

• Linguistics    • Literature    • Multidisciplinary Studies

• Occupational Science    • Philosophy    • Politics

• Philosophy    • Politics & Political Science

• Psychology    • Social Sciences    • Sociology

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